Unique Baby Girls & Boys Name That Start With A-Z In English

Unique Baby Girls & Boys Name That Start With A-Z In English

Baby Girls & Boys Name

20 Baby Names for girls and boys that are very unique.
Are you preparing for a newborn and are finding yourself. and you 

constantly googling or reading articles to finding up on baby girl names and baby boy names for your new born kids.

Then you are at correct place hear you can found unique name for your new born baby. For Boy and Girls Both.

A name can really set them apart from others and 

make them unique long gone are the days for kids in school having to be identified by their last name initial a lot of parents have turned to more uncommon names for their child 

and you'll find some of those ones in this video pretty interesting now keep reading for some of the best names for babies that you've never heard of

Baby Girls & Boys Name

1.  Neil 

Neil a female named based on the popular male

Arnold are now is a rare name that is yet to make it into the top 2,000 chart of popular baby names the origin of the name is 

English only 161 babies have been recorded as having it as their first name from 1880 to 2015 according to the Social Security Administration.

2. Kale

This boy's name for babies is a Ries pelled version of kale an ancient Irish name inspired by a mythical character in Irish folklore.

The name means slender and This is popular name in the United States.

which has been attributed to similar sounding names like kale and kale now that you know some popular baby boy names. 

Baby girl names that you've probably never heard of here is the baby name that only 161 babies have been recorded as having as their first name from 1880 to 2015 .

3. Bori 

In Sanskrit this name means awakened or enlightened and is connected to the Buddhist state of Nirvana 

The Bodhi tree is the large fig tree that the founder of Buddhism sat under to reach enlightenment the name is typically given to boys and has become a popular name for celebrity parents.

4. Nema 

Nema meaning devotion or blessing loan favor. 

This name is of Arabic origin and is commonly used for females though it's not popular in the US and has seen a decline in the last decade. 

The name is used in countries all over the world particularly in Arabic speaking countries. 

5. Gracia

Gracia originating in Latin this name is a variant of the English name grace and is pronounced Gracia. 

The name first appeared on the charts in 1985 and then started to grow in popularity once again in the Year 2015 however Gracia has remained under the radar for the past two years.

6. Lilith 

This hebrew girl's name has been often associated with a demonic aura ever since medieval times due to Jewish folklore portraying her as Adams rejected first wife .

The name means ghost or night monster despite the dark connotation it has become increasingly popular over the past few years. 

7. Farren 

Typically a boy's name but is also used as a girl's name Farren is a variation of firown' which comes from the english origins and 
means handsome servant however this new variation Farren means adventurous 
The name also may be derived from the gaelic name fara monde which means journey and protection.

8. Kyah 

This name given to females is of Greek origin and means beautiful 
The name Saw somewhat of a Popularity surge in the last decades of the 19th century but has become significantly more uncommon 
Nowadays Kyah is a Lily name that offers a unique alternative to the more popular alternative Lily. 

9. Maxton

This boy's name has English Scottish origins and it means settlement.
It is similar to the more common use named Maxwell which is another surname that turned into a first name of the same origins. 

10. Joe Zia 

This boy's name is a variation on the name josiya a hebrew masculine name from the bible the name means God heals and

This alternative spelling has proved to be a hit among new parents Joe Zia entered America's top 1000 list in 2010 and has only grown in popularity since. 

Baby Girls & Boys Name

11. Ignacio 

pronounced Ignacio this Spanish male name has been gaining popularity in the US and has the female form Ignacio 

The name means fire II and is in the Spanish form of the Latin masculine name egg not es it entered the u.s. top 1,000 chart in 2015 after a two-year absence. 

12. Oriana 

This Italian female name might derive from the Latin word a rum which means gold it is pronounced or Rihanna and has appeared in several plays throughout 

the 17th century the name Oriana is said to mean dawn and is the perfect fit for parents looking for a strong and exotic name. 

13. Harlan 

This is an English name which means gray land and hair land.
It can either be a boy or a girl name and it is a variation of a more popular boy's name Harlan 

Harlan first appeared on the charts in 2011 but still remains a very unique name especially for females. 

14. Malachi 

Malachi the simple meaning behind this boy's name is my messenger my angel 

It's of American and Hebrew origin Malachi is a biblical name deriving from one of the twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament the name has come and gone from popularity charts over the years. 

15. Kayson

This male name is of modern invention and is a rhyming variation on the popular jason mason and brazen. 

The name doesn't have any etymological roots or meaning due to it being new to the 21st century but the name has received a lot of attention from new parents in the past few years number. 

Baby Girls & Boys Name

16. Danja 

Danja low a boy's name which is a spelling variation of D'Angelo is of african-american origin and means of the Angels ,the rise of the name 
Although still very rare today has been attributed to the popularity of mid-1990s R&B musician Michael Eugene Archer who went by the stage name D Angelo number. 

17. Britta 

Although you might be thinking about a water filter. 
It is also a female name that is popular in Scandinavia and Germany 

That is a variation of Brigitte or Brit it means strength or exalted one and could be the perfect name for parents seeking something that's both exotic yet familiar number. 

18. Enoch 

This is a great name for boy babies a boy's name of Hebrew origins.
That means both dedicated and experienced 

The name is often attributed to the major figure in the Old Testament the son of Jared the father of Methuselah and the great-grandfather of Noah the name has seen a popularity surge in the past few years and could become a common name in the next few years number. 

19. Bexley 

This girl's name was taken from the location name of an affluent suburb in Columbus Ohio as well as a section of Greater London 

The name became a growingly popular choice for parents looking for a unique name that also has a variety of potential nicknames the meaning of the name derives from an old English term from Bach's trees and woodland clearings do you know what baby name only 161 people were recorded as having between 1880 and 2015 keep watching until the end to find out number.

20.  Addley 

This versatile name for a newborn can be used either for a boy or a girl interestingly enough 

Addley is one of the rare names that was developed from different paths on the girls and boys sides.

But eventually became a unisex name for boys Addley came from a phonetic spelling of the Hebrew AD lie which means God is just ad lie was an Old Testament name. 

which is mostly associated with the 1950s liberal presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson the girls version of this name is an abbreviation of Hadley. 

An English place name and surname which means Heather field Hadley rose significantly in popularity with each year and is believed to become this generations Ailey addley 

However for both boys and girls remains a name that has managed to stay under the radar the two syllable name certainly has a ring to it and could become much more common over the next few years.

Baby Girls & Boys Name

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Baby Girls & Boys Name

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