Top Smartphone Tricks | Cool Tricks | Smartphone Hacks

Top Smartphone Tricks | Cool Tricks | Smartphone Hacks

Top Smartphone Tricks

Hello friends today we are now going to discuss on top smartphone tricks and this tricks are very useful.

Must be know all smartphone user because in this time have very difficult on privacy  so don't waste your time and lets goo....

Top Smartphone Tricks

1   1.The secret Information Code:

This is most  valuable code Type in your keypad is ”*#*#4636#*#*”When you entering this code you see Your Testing mode is open in this you see these options you see in image.

These are very useful options first and second option you see your phone information and third option you see about on your battery.

And fourth option you see in this you can test your hardware and last option you see your WiFi information these are very useful information.
Top Smartphone Tricks

2.  Screen lock Time Password:

In this tip you can add your password in your time wow this is so cool tricks

First you need to download screen lock time password app download in play store or app store. 

After the download you open this app and perform your screen locks in your time this is very useful tricks so cool.
Top Smartphone Tricks

3.IMEI number Code :

In this trick you can check your IMEI number code .
This is very useful code of your mobile By the help of this code. 

When your Phone is lost you can give this code to police. 

And police  gave this code in all sim company operators and anybody open your phone and insert sim company track your mobile number and your phone have become in your near.

You want to check you IMEI number type this code “*#60#”

Top Smartphone Tricks

4. Check Call Forwarding :

This is very useful trick in this code you can know anybody listen you call or no.

Means any hacker forward your call or not to check your call forwarding enter this code in your keypad “*#21#”.

I hope friends this knowledge is helpful I hope you like this image and please don't forgot to share this knowledge with your friends and family.

Top Smartphone Tricks

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