Top 5 GK Quiz on Tech  you should be know

Top 5 GK Quiz on Tech you should be know

Top 5 GK Quiz 

Top 5 GK Quiz:

Hello Friends today we are now going to discuss Top 5 GK Quiz. 
This quiz every smartphone , computer , students and every people should be know so lets goo..

Top 5 GK Quiz

1.       Who is the Father of Internet?

a. Charles Babbage                                                                                      b. Vint Cerf
c.  Ray Noorda                                                                               d. Aryabhatta

Answer: b Vent Cerf

Top 5 GK Quiz

Yes Vint Cerf is the Father of Internet. The full name of vint cerf is Vinton Grey Cerf.

He born in 23 June 1943. He is a American internet pioneer and he is also known as “The Father of Internet”

2.       Who is the Inventor of World Wide Web (WWW)?

a.Martin Cooper                                               b. Tim cook

c.  Tim Berners lee                                          d. Aryabhatta

Answer: Tim Berners Lee

Top 5 GK Quiz

Yes tim Berners lee is the Inventor of WWW. The full name is Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee.

He born in  8 june 1955. He is also known as TimBL.

He is a Professor on Oxford University.

3.  What was the name of First computer?

               a.ENIAC                                                   b. TANDY
               c. E. Machine                                                                                  d. IBM  
                Answer : ENIAC

Top 5 GK Quiz

Yes the name of first computer is ENIAC

The full form of ENIAC is Electronic Numerical  Integrator Computer

ENIAC was made in 1945

And it is used in work purpose in 10 Dec 1945. Its speed is one thousand times faster than elecro-mechanical machine.

4. Who is the Father of Computer ?

      a. Bill Gates                                          b. Warren Buffet
      c. Steve Jobs                                         d. Charles Babbage

                Answer: Charles Babbage.

Top 5 GK Quiz

                Yes Charles Babbage was made the first computer and He is also known as The Father of Computer. 

The time period is 1791 to 1871 and he is A mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer.

5. Which Company is nick named BIG BLUE?

               a.IBM                                                            b. Samsung
               c.Microsoft                                                   d. Google

                Answer: IBM

Top 5 GK Quiz

                IBM stand for International Business Machine And he also known as Big Blue. 

This is the name if IBM. He is an American company . It start in 1911. It Created hardware ,Software etc…

I hope Friend this knowledge is helpful to you please write on comment how this quiz and don’t forgot to share this knowledge and do not forgot to subscribe us.

Top 5 GK Quiz 

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