Do You Know Amazing History Of Indian Flag

Do You Know Amazing History Of Indian Flag

History of Indian Flag

History of Indian Flag: Hello friends welcome, Today we are now going to discuss on History of Indian flag.

Flag means  in Hindi word (tiranga). Flag is a sign of Independence of Country every Independent country have there own Flag.

Flag also help to know country and there people.
So in this Article you get full knowledge of Indian flag who make this flag and Which time.

Before the Independent of India, Indian Flag were designed by British and after  15 January 1947 Our First independent flag by The student of Swami Vivekananda .

So friends let's go to one of the most inserting topic.
History Of Indian Flag

First Flag:

The First flag of India were made in 1857. 

This was made by British rule. In this time India were not independent.

So the flag were shown this type means like British flag.
History Of Indian Flag

Second Flag: (7 Aug 1906) :

The second flag of India were made by a Indian.

We can also says This is the First Indian Flag.
Below this picture you can see This flag were made up of three colour.

·         White 

·         Red

·         Yellow

History Of Indian Flag
In every flag every colour and sine have meaning.That means In this flag have colour also meaning.

Meaning of There Coloure:

·         Red: The meaning of red colour in this flag is Freedom. 

·         Yellow: The meaning of yellow colour in this flag is Win.

·         White: The meaning of white colour is Cleanliness & Simplicity

In this flag you can noticed in Bengali language has written 
"Vande Mataram"

In the Boundaries of this flag you can see Deepak. Have 101 Deepak
In this Flag In the red colour you can see "Kamal"

You can see in this image this is also known as the First flag of India.

Third Flag:(1907)

History Of Indian Flag
There also have Three colour:

·         Red 

·         Green

·         Yellow

This Flag were made by Madem Gama and Some people.

In the Yellow colour you can see "Vande Mataram" In Hindi Language.

In This have Three colour meaning:

·         Red: There have seven stars in this colour.

·         Yellow: There have some words written in Hindi language "Vande Mataram"

·         Green: In this colour have Sun and Moon.

This flag was first flash in Berlin.

Fourth Flag: (1917)

You can see in this picture . This flag is different to all others flag.

In this flag have Have 5 Red lines and 4 Green lines.

And In this flag have Have seven stars that show seven stars constellation.
In this Have Union jack and Moon on star.

History Of Indian Flag

Fifth Flag : (1921)

In many times Mahatma Gandhi give the authority of an Indian of Karnataka Name Pingali Venkayya .

Pingali Venkayya Learn about 50 flags of Different Countries and After 5 years He make an Flag those show all about on there country.

In this Flag have Three colours 

·         White 

·         Red

·         Green

Red Colour show about the Hindus.
Green Colour show Muslim.

After some times Gandhi ji modify this flag and add one Charkha and Chakra

History Of Indian Flag
Sixth Flag: (1933)

You can see in this picture this is similar to old flag.
Gandhi ji and some people decides Old flag could not show all over country. 
So they are modify it.

History Of Indian Flag
Seventh Flag:(22 July 1947)

This is Final Flag of our country India .
This flag were made by the Commite of Dr. Bheem rew ambedkar.
You can see in this image.
In this flag also have three colour and one chakra.

·         Orange

·         white

·         green

Saffron colors shows courage and sacrifice.
The white color symbolism for peace, unity and truth.
The green color shows the culture and fertility.

History Of Indian Flag

Some Important Facts On Indian Flag

1. The Indian Flag were made by a particular colour Khadi Fabric.

2. No any simple People can make this flag. This can only be done by an Industry of Karnataka.

3. The ratio of Indian flag is 3:2.

4. When anybody Watch this flag only there right hands.

5. Indian flag were first time watched in moon on 14 November 2008.

6. First Indian flag travel on space in 1971 By Rakesh Sharma.

7. The Chakra of Indian flag shown Realization of Life's Continuity.

8. In Ashok chakra have 24 lines.

9. Our Indian flag can not be watched by ordinary people in some time ago.

10. But a people name Naveen Jindle appeal in the court and they are success.
Then every People have right to watch there flag.

So Good Bye friends.
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History of Indian Flag

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