5 Cool & Hack Search Trick Of Google You Must be Know

5 Cool & Hack Search Trick Of Google You Must be Know

5 Cool Search Trick Of Google You Must be Know

Hey! There you know about the cool tricks of Google if you are an internet user it must be known. 

We already know Google is a search engine and not only it is  most use search engine. 

We are known Google is too large company and there have any of products like YouTube, chrome, blogger, Ad Sense, Google map etc… many of products.

 But the Google search engine everybody use this  and very most of the people were know about this cool tricks like Google sink in water  ,Google game ,Google magic and many tricks. 

After see this tricks you can apply in your search engine and I say this tricks only work in Google search engine not any other search engine 

so friends let’s go to explore this tricks I gave you picture to prove it it’s not any fake tricks  it is pure genuine so let’s go… 
5 Cool & Hack Search Trick Of Google You Must be Know

First if  you have any browser or chrome browser please type Google.com and press enter

(if you use this trick on chrome browser it’s not work you should be open google.com then it works)

After applying this tricks you want to perform some basic settings:

1. after opening the google.com in the bottom you can see the setting  tool click on tool and you can see a menu were open in this menu select search setting.

2. After clicking search setting your google setting were open In the search result scroll down and you can see Google Instant Predication in this you need to select never show instant result and after selection click on save settings in bottom on your screen.

If in you browser doesn’t see this setting not take any tension without this setting you can apply this trick I say this setting on the purpose of Apply the button of I’M feeling lucky.

 So if you have already this button you do not need to apply this setting.

So guys after performing this setting you are ready to enjoy cool tricks on google to let’s see this cool tricks…

1.Google Guitar:

This is most cool tricks of google you see the title google guitar it means guitar in google those you can play it easily to open this Type “Google Guitar” in search box.

You will The button of I’M feeling Lucky you need to click on I’M feeling Lucky not google search when you click on google search this tricks can’t work so you need to click on I’M Feeling Lucky after clicking you can see in your front of your screen Guitar. 

This is cool guitar by moving of your mouse pointer you can play this this tone is very good after you listening this tones you feel relax so try this trick and enjoy by playing guitar in google.

2.Barrel Rool:

This is also cool tricks of google  to  apply this trick on your google site Type In search box ” Do a Barrel Rool”   and click on I’M Feeling Lucky and then you can see your web page do a very cool animation like rooling in your screen.


3.Google Gravity:

This is also one of the most coolest tricks of google you know about on gravity if no I say it is the phenomena which any object attract toward of earth.

See the coolest Place of earth there have no gravity   :

To see the trick of google gravity you need to type “google guitar” in your search box and click on I’M feeling Lucky 

After clicking you can see you google icon were fell down due to gravity this is not any gravity but like gravity you can feel this and enjoy this tricks by telling your friends. 

And also type in comment box how is this…

4. Mirror view Of Google :

After  seeing this trick you say wah! Wah! To see  this trick you need to type in your search box “elgoog”

Click on I’M Feeling lucky and you can see on your screen your google icon were see in mirror view This is the coolest tricks…


5.Epic Google :

This is also one of the most famous tricks after applying this trick you can see your google icon were automatically zoom in and you see this is cool trick To apply this trick you need to type in your search box “Epic Google” and click on I’m am feeling lucky and you can see this cool trick on your screen…

So friends please say on comment box how this tricks and do not forgot to share this trick with your friends to also they can know this cool tricks 

If you have any quarry you can ask in comment box but if you read this article carefully on any chance to face any problems so we are fully recommend that please read this article 

carefully and then apply this cool tricks…

So Take Care Coming Soon!


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