What's a very brief history of mobile phones? (2020 )

What's a very brief history of mobile phones? (2020 )

History of Mobile Phone 

 Hi Guys if You Don't Know about History of Mobile Phones , and You are searching for about for History of Mobile Phones to learn about this , Then You are at the Right Place.

Today here I'm Going to share about History of Mobile Phones for You guys. So Let's go guys....

 A few year ago in  april 1973 by Motorola first phone were made. 

The name of first phone is Motorola dynatite then after a huge revolution come in the world about mobile phon

The Development of mobile devices in many time and my of category phone were made then most of industries were popular mobile phone and some mobile have more popular between on people 

Some mobile Phone Were Given below :

History of Mobile Phone

History of Mobile Phone

1.The First Mobile Phone : 

The first mobile phone is Motorola star TAC.

 This is the stylist phone on those time this phone support single ringtone.

In this phone have 500 MH battery that no more but on those time it's new so wonderful.

History of Mobile Phone
 Motorola Star TAC (First)

2.The Second Smart Phone :

 The name of second mobile phone is Ericssom T28

This phone was launched in 1999.

This phone is very thin at on time and there weight is 83g. This dual Bandd is GCM compactible this is the best phone on this time .

History of Mobile Phone

Ericssom T28(Second)

3.Third Mobile Phone: 

The name of third mobile  name is 

Nokia 3310 .

This phone is best ever phone on the nokia company Nokia company first  time made this phone.

 This phone is most heave if you through phone it did'n compact any thing.

This phone is launched in years 2000 in this phone have a game named snake this is most played game and this is lovely game played by people.

History of Mobile Phone
 Nokia 3310(Third)

4.Fourth Mobile Phone :

 The name of fourth mobile phone is Nokia 9210.

This Mobile Phone is most attractive this phone look like as laptop and it open as laptop.

 This is best for business purpose and in this phone have Keyboard that's more attractive.

History of Mobile Phone

Nokia 9210(Fourth)

5.Fifth Mobile Phone:

 The name of fifth mobile phone is Nokia 1100.

This is best saving mobile phone this phone was launched in years 2003. 

This phone have powerful battery and this is strong mobile phone.

History of Mobile Phone
Nokia 1100 (fifth)

6. Sixth Mobile Phone :

 The name of sixth mobile phone is Nokia N Gage.

 This is the world's first gaming mobile phone in this phone have gaming button at there corner and there microphone is have in corner.

History of Mobile Phone
Nokia N Gage(Sixth)

7.Seventh Mobile Phone:

 The name of Seventh mobile phone is Moto razr v3 .

This phone was launched in 2003 this is most stylist mobile phone and this is very thin.

Motorola made this phone by aluminium in 4 years Motorola doing hard work to made this phone.

History of Mobile Phone
 Moto razr v3 (seventh)

8. Eighth Mobile Phone : The name of Eighth mobile phone is Nokia 6600. 

This phone was launched in year 2003. In this phone have 0.3mp back camera have stood. 

In this phone have voice calling system and have 6mb memory and in this phone have joystick.

History of Mobile Phone
Nokia 6600 (Eighth)

9.Ninth Mobile Phone: 

The name of ninth mobile phone is Sony Ericsson k750. 

In this phone have High quality mobile camera in this phone company provide there famous joystick feature and there have volume up and down button.
history of mobile phones

Sony Ericsson k750(Ninth )

10.Tenth Mobile Phone: 

The name of tenth mobile phone is I Phone.
This mobile phone was launched in year 2007 by Steven jobs.

I Phone was the world's first touch phone and this phone make an revolution in world an many company made like this phone like android.
history of mobile phones

After developing of mobile device many operating system were developed like android , windows ,mac etc...

I Hope friends you like this Knowledge about History of Mobile Phones so please share this knowledge on social media Thank you...

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