What's a very Breaf History of Computer | Learn

What's a very Breaf History of Computer | Learn

History of Computer

Hello friends If you Don't  know The History of Compute Don't worry  today we discus on the most famous topic History of Computer. If you don't Know learn this It so Easy to Learn Full On the History of computer So Let's goo..

History of Computer

History of Computer:

1.About Computer: The word Computer is derived from Latin language which litterly means Calculating.Computer is a electronic device which perform functions in the set of instruction called Program.

Computer is made up of two main part Hardware and Software.
     Hardware : Monitor,Keyboard,Mouse,Speaker,Printer ect....
     Software: Google Chrome, Excel, Power point, Word pad, Notpad etc....

Computer Done the IPO Cycle It means Firstly Computer take input and then process and 
give us output.

History of Computer

2.Full Form of Computer : 

T =  TECHNOLIGICAL AND                               

           3. Use of Computer:  Computer is used in many purpose and many places. like School,Collage,Hosspital etc....

But now at this time the Computer is use Everywhere. Everything we done in Computer.

History of Computer: The First computer were made by Charles Babbage. In 1822 He made a first machnical Computer.

He is Know as the Father of Computer.Because First He is an mathematician But in the problem of calculation He invent the Computer.
History of Computer

History of Computer

Generation of Computer: 

1. First Generation: The period of First generation Computer is 1946 to 1949.

The First Generation Computer is too big in size and large amount of heat absorbe.
In the first generation Computer We can perform only 1 taskk in one time It needed to large space.
There are two difficult to transfer one place to another place .It take large amount of electricty and needed to AC for this Computer 

The name of some First generation computers are ENIAC,EDVAC,UNIVAC,IBM701,IBM650.

History of Computer

2.Second Generation Computer: The Time of second generation computer is 1959 to 1965. It is too large in size but Give best performance in as compare to first generation computer.

It use Horse power In this used as primary memory  use magnetic core and In the use of Secondary memory use Magnetic tape and magnetic disk.In this use high leval programing language.

In the second generation Computer use Transister and two small size and more faster as compare to first generation computer.

The name of Second Generation Computer are given below:

History of Computer

3.Third Generation Computer: The time of third generation computer is 1965 to 1971.

The Third generation computer has more benifit.It is to much faster, samall in size ,and doing fastly work. But the third generation computer is has highly in price. 

The one of the most best thing in third generation computer is User can use monitor and Keyboard.
History of Computer

4. Fourth Generation Computer: The time of fourth generation computer is 1971 to 1980.In this generation used VLSI (very large scale intigrated) so people can make microcomputer.

Internet were start in this period and this help to make an network on internet.This computer is easily provide to any people . 

This computer is too cheap as compare to the first ,second and third generation of computer's.In this time people use high leval language like C,C++ 

The company IBM firstly made computer for the use of home purpose.

History of Computer

5. Fifth Generation Computer: This generation were start in 1980 and tody (2020) this generation were held,

In The fifth generation computer use ULSI(ultra large skill intigration) and this generation on the based on AI (Artificial Intelligence ) . High leval language were usease like Java, Python.

In this generation cheap and small size computer were held (Laptop) This generation is now deveoping at this time.

History of Computer

I Hope Friends you like this knowledge and you gave helpful please share this and write on comment to do you think about next (sixth) generation.  See This post : History of Mobile Phones

History of Computer

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