The Great Pyramid Of Giza | Part 3  | Mysterious

The Great Pyramid Of Giza | Part 3 | Mysterious

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

Hello Friends today we discuss on The Great Pyramid Of Giza Part 3 in.

This about the amazing sun alignment on pyramid , Dendera temple, Dendera light etc... So let's go 

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Amazing sun alignment on pyramid:

We already discuss on the pyramid this is most mysterious place in the world.

We knows 22 July is the largest day and small night in year in this time when sun set on Egypt this type of view appear in Egypt (show in picture).

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

In the center of both pyramid and the head of the great sphinx of Egypt sun sine this is most beautiful seen but how the Egyptian do the hard calculation to make a perfect alignment.

It is not possible without any advance instrument. In this we realize Egyptian is more advance in technology than now.

This perfect structure and this perfect alignment how Egyptian made some people say about the  aliens theory.

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

This theory says aliens come in earth in Egyptian time and gave advance technology to Egyptian so Egyptian make this perfect structure and perfect alignment. 

But I Believe on aliens because our universe very vast and many probabilities have to aliens in an planets!!

Dendera Light and Temple : It is the temple present on Egypt It is so very mysterious places in the Egypt.

Egyptian made this to there god name Hathor But During the discovery of this temple. Half temple covered with sand .

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

 After the 1850 after cleaning the sand of this temple vary mysterious show.
An ancient picture show you see in this picture.

In this picture have an structure an light bulb in the bulb have have filament which is shown like an snake in this image. 

And have a wire join to board this provide electricity.

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

After Seeing this image and knowing what about you think what about question in your mind write in comment box.

After the showing this images and facts I think The ancient Egyptian is more advance than now or any alien civilization help the Egyptian to make these alignment and perfect calculation.

The   Great Pyramid Of Giza

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The Great Pyramid Of Giza

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