How to improve our voice ? | Improving Voice

How to improve our voice ? | Improving Voice

How to improve our voice

Hello friends today we are now going to discuss on the topic 
of How to improve our voice. 

Voice is the way in which you can attract any people.

So If you want to Know How to 
Improve your voice So lets go..

How to improve our voice

1. Take Deep Breathing:

This  is most important thing you should be know for 
improve your voice.

Take deep breath. When you take deep breathing observe 
that your solder should not be rise if your shoulder rise it 
means you don't take deep breath.

By taking breath notice
 your stomach rise because when your stomach rise it means
 air go by  your gut and lungs relax.

More time if deep breathing this have more benefits By
taking deep breath your mind be relax and if you have any
tension in your mind take deep breathing this are all
problems were easily gone.

How to improve our voice

2.Stop Speaking from your nose:

It is mane problem your voice should not be improve.

If you speak by your nose your vise do not get clear and
not perfect.

So stop speaking from your voice.Speak through your mouth
and vocal cord.

How to improve our voice

3.Exercise To Improve your voice :

This is the main way to improve your voice. 

When you doing to exercise to become healthy this may be

affect your body and improved your body shape.

To exercise stretch you nick by backward and say these words
"King Kong, ping Pong , Ding dong " don't laugh by speaking
this words. Speak these words because this is most important
to exercise your vocal cord

How to improve our voice

So practice these things and I full gurriented to improve your
voice So friend good bye don't forgot to share this and write
on comment to is your voice is really improved.

How to improve our voice

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