Do you know about Area 51 ? | Mysterious Place

Do you know about Area 51 ? | Mysterious Place

Area 51

Do you know about the most mysterious place in the world Area 51. This area where people belie this an area of aliens.

No any general public allow in this place So lets go to know about there...

Area 51


Area 51 is area situated in US , Nevada. This is known as US air force testing because in this area US test there jets and this area is very away form people this area is bounded by large mountains.

Area 51

Restricts :

In this area no any general people allow and no any could be caught photos in this area of away from area.

 If you try to capture image about this area with the help of remote control drone
or any gadgets This do not allow any things.

No any satellite should be allow to  capture image in this area.

No any vehicles or airplane travel or fly near this place this area is full defense by military.

Area 51


 Government says about this area this area only for the purpose of Air force In US But this area have any other things happen in this area have higher security then any other area in US Why?


This area you see in any image this not an real image of area 51 this image is captured by HD camera in about  10 to 15 KM away from this place.

Some people says This is Tip of the Iceberge because in this area you see this is some part actually whole world about this were situated inside this area.

This area is not actually situated for general people after 2013 but in 2013 CIA says about this area.

A person name bob lezar he clam he is work in area 51 In S4 department and He says in this area scientist study about How the spacecraft of aliens made and fly how this is easily fly without any fuel.

According to this In 1981 scientist discovers about In aliens spacecraft used an element whose atoms mass 115 name ununpentium.  

Area 51

About Ununpentium: 

this element do not affect any gravity this is non gravity element so aliens spacecraft easily fly in space or in sky.

About this element discovered of this element in 2003 but bob lezard already says about these element in 14 years ago in 1981.

He also says those aircraft he research it come from about 40 light years.

Some persons about in area 51:

A person whose name Dan Burnish clam he works on area 51 and he study about the viruses in aliens body and he says he talk to an aliens by programming language.

Two persons name Wally Kasza and Bob frost he study in virus of aliens and one day in experiment of an virus he's both of the man were affect by this virus and then both of them die.

A doctor study about on there body he observe an virus found inside there body this virus is not found in whole earth!

Area 51

About UFO: 

Some people who already work in area he says aliens have advanced level technology there spacecraft or 

UFO(identifying flying object) Have color adaptation technology implemented means they change there color according there conditions. 

IF they fly in sky they got sky color and disappear in sky.

Area 51

About Area 51 Base:

If you try to go near the area 51 you see a warning board 15 to 16 Km away from the base any aircraft , vehicles do not allow to go near the place.

In this have magnetic censer wave were implemented this censer work any other aircraft fly near this area this censer inform to this craft and gave warning to don't go near this place . 

And this censer work for detect any vehicles.

A person name Freed Denhum says he is enchare of area 51 and he have an order to any person see near this place were shooed for gun.

You already know about the BBC news company.Some people of this company go for getting report of this area but when he reach near this place milletry caught and arrest them and gave heavy fine.

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Area 51

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